There is so much hurt, anger, fear and mistrust around today - what I can do to start a wave of change? What will it take for me to enable trust? What will it take for me to be open? How can we reach out to each other, even when it's the last thing on our minds? These things are only possible when you believe in them and realize how important they are.

  1. Refuse to be defined by your past for the rest of your life.
  2. Take responsibility for change, healing and outcomes in your life, instead of accepting that things are beyond your power or will always be the same.
  3. Challenge and be willing to change the stories you tell yourself about who you are, who other people are and about what is possible in life.
  4. When the time has come, be brave and change your mind about something you always thought was true, or about something that used to be true but isn't anymore.
  5. Love and be willing to be loved in return.
  6. Reach out to others instead of trying to make it by yourself. There is strength and meaning in community.
  7. Be willing to be vulnerable and at the same time safeguard yourself through awareness and open-mindedness, thinking critically about situations without overthinking or being dependent on certainty.
  8. Be brave enough to realize that you're just as human as others, and they're just as human as you.