Hi; I’m Chanèl.

I was born in Namibia and have lived half my life in South Africa, countries of immense natural beauty. Here I learned the value of being connected with wilderness and experienced nature's role in well-being on a deep level - it helped me heal from a serious illness and burnout related to my prior work as an emergency room doctor. Through The Wild Bond I share a love for wild nature and a curiosity for life.

We are all part of the story of life as it unfolds in a vast, ancient universe.

We need nature - sunshine, clean air, water, food and living space are some obvious examples - but what about the value of nature for its very existence? Can you imagine a world without the diversity that we often take for granted? We share this planet with astounding, unpredictable life forms that are not as a result of human effort. These plants, creatures, this earth - all contribute to the vibrant personality of life. I don't see humans as the smartest living beings, nor as owners or masters of wild places and creatures. We are siblings who must learn why it is important to share. Despite all the amazing things we design, we won't be any wiser if we don't hold a collective consciousness of what it takes for all life to flourish. One of my greatest fears is that we are left with a generally sterile world, where the last wild areas are tiny pockets on our planet, accessible only to people who can afford to visit them. I believe we are totally capable of imagining the solutions.

If you'd like to join me on a quiet nature experience, make use of the photojournalism service, collaborate on a project or give feedback, get in touch.

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